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Mercer Consumer Offers Exclusive Benefits for ARAG® Network Attorneys

ARAG Network Attorneys can enjoy the advantages of dependable and reliable insurance protection provided by Holmes Murphy and administered by Mercer Consumer, the world's premier insurance provider.

Managing your practice just got a little easier. Your practice already enjoys the benefits of qualified referrals, guaranteed payment and nationwide networking opportunities with more than 6,400 ARAG Network Attorneys. Now, your partnership with ARAG provides access to additional resources to keep your business interests protected. Click the links below for more information on special offers from Marsh.

Professional Liability Insurance is a total risk-management solution that protects your business assets. Access is available in all 50 states, subject to specific underwriting and carrier availability.

Health Insurance Mart gives you the opportunity to offer your employees the advantage of quality health insurance at a price you and they can control. You can easily compare quotes and get referrals to health savings accounts, which enable your employees to save money tax-deferred.


To visit the ARAG Network Attorney Web Site please click www.ARAGgroup.com/Attorneys





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